Provide us with your vacation days via DaHome!

Taking a holiday soon? Great!


Use the opportunity to ask your housekeeper to tackle some additional tasks (Cleaning of the windows and window frames, inside the fridge and cupboards, top of the cupboards and more.) Nothing better than returning home where everything is spotless.


However, if you would prefer that your housekeeper did not come during your holiday, let us know the dates via Daoust Home.


You are not yet registered on our platform? Don’t wait any longer, it only takes a few clicks. We’ll explain everything here.


As a reminder, any absence must be notified to us at least 15 days in advance and they are limited to 6 weeks per year*. In the event of failure to respect the deadlines, unfortunately you may be charged for the service. So please do not wait until the last minute to alert us of your holiday dates.

*(for weekly use of our household helpers).

Welcome to the Family!